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ProAnagen™ Anti DHT Conditioner
ProAnagen™(ProAngen™) Hair Conditioner

Have you noticed after you massage hair conditioner on your scalp, few moments later you see so many hairs fallen in your hands?!

It’s like the hair conditioner job was to loosen your hair from its root and let them fall!
We know people who fear using hair conditioner because it makes them lose more hair!

This IS NOT the case with ProAnagen™ Hair Conditioner. We challenge you to note this phenomenon with many other conditioners that you know of. And then try our ProAnagen™ Hair Conditioner. Of course you must also use ProAnagen™ Shampoo, along with the conditioner for at least two weeks to see the difference.

ProAnagen™(ProAngen™) Hair Conditioner is a high quality conditioner formulated for all hair types. Many of our customers have asked us to develop a hair conditioner to complement the beneficial effects of ProAnagen™ Shampoo. We are confident that your hair will feel silkier, with our well-balanced natural formulas.

Similar to ProAnagen™ Shampoo, we have included great vitamins, essential oils, herbs and anti oxidants in the hair conditioner. Ingredients like: Ginkgo biloba, Hydrolyzed wheat protein, Hydrolyzed oat flour, Saw palmetto extract, Olive oil, Grape seed oil, Cucumber oil, Sweet orange oil, Vitamin B3 and Vitamin B6.

Use ProAnagen™ Hair Conditioner as a hair gel for hair thickening
To our surprise, we know many of our customers have been using our conditioner as a hair gel also, to thicken their hair. After washing the hair with ProAnagen™ shampoo and conditioner, while your hair still damp/wet, apply small amount of ProAnagen™ conditioner to your hair and slowly massage it into your hair. After 4-8 weeks, you maybe very impress with the result.

Anti Hair Loss, Nutritious and Natural Hair Conditioner

Frequently Asked ProAnagen™ Conditioner Questions

Q. Could I only use ProAnagen™ shampoo & conditioner against hair loss?
No. It is true that our shampoo and conditioner are excellent products against hair loss, however, their potency and effectiveness is not as powerful as it is with ProAnagen™ Anti DHT topical solution. If you are using only our shampoo and you are happy with it, then please keep using it. However, if you are looking to boost the potency against hair loss, then we recommend you also use ProAnagen™ Anti DHT Topical Solution.

Q. How long do I leave ProAnagen™ Conditioner on my scalp before washing?
We recommend at least 2-3 minutes, so the nutrients and vitamins get absorbed into hair follicles.


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