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ProAnagen™ Pricing and Returns

100-Day Money Back Guarantee

We offer 100-day money back guarantee, knowing if ProAnagen™ Topical solution
didn't work, you get your money back. Here is our Return & Shipping Policy in more detail:

Refunds applies to first order of one 3-Month ProAnagen™ topical solution ($69 value, less $8.50 S&H).

100-day money back guarantee applies to first time U.S. orders only.

• Refunds does not apply to ProAnagen™ Shampoo or Conditioner, so we only offer $3.50 samples for your testing.

If you receive a refund the first time, your future orders no longer qualify for any refunds.

• For refunds: please send us all ProAnagen™ used and unused 3-month supply bottles within 100 days from the date your order was shipped. Also, please provide us your name, address, and proof of purchase we sent with your order.

ProAnagen™ Prices      
3-Month Topical Solution Supply, 1X 8 Oz. Shampoo
6-Month Topical Solution Supply, 2X 8 Oz. Shampoo
12-Month Topical Solution Supply, 4X 8 Oz. Shampoo
1X 8 Oz. ProAnagen™ Anti DHT Shampoo
2X 8 Oz. ProAnagen™ Anti DHT Shampoo
1X 8 Oz. ProAnagen™ Hair Conditioner
2X 8 Oz. ProAnagen™ Hair Conditioner
Shipping Rates      
We ship majority of our orders via USPS Priority Mail.  
Standard Shipping
Orders Less than $69
Orders $69 or More
$8.50 (Up to 9 Lb.)
$8.50 (Up to 9 Lb.)
$30 (Up to 9 Lb./4 Kg.)
$30 (Up to 9 Lb./4 Kg.)
$30 (Up to 3 Lb./1.4 Kg.)
$30 (Up to 3 Lb./1.4 Kg.)
Australia/New Zealand
$30 (Up to 3 Lb./1.4 Kg.)
$30 (Up to 3 Lb./1.4 Kg.)
***Other Countries
$30 (Up to 3 Lb./1.4 Kg.)
$30 (Up to 3 Lb./1.4 Kg.)

* For Colorado orders, we add 2.9% state tax.

** Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

*** Other Countries: South Africa, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Turkey, India, Argentina


Types of Payments:

We accept Paypal, Visa, Master Card, American Express, Optima and Discover credit cards.
Paypal process all credit card transactions. Credit card orders should have: name,
address, phone number and expiration date.

You can also send us a personal/business check, money order, or cashiers check.
PLEASE NOTE that if you choose to make your payment via a personal or business
check, please allow 2-3 days for the check to clear. All funds must be in U.S.
funds and payable to:


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